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tolko o lubvi online dating Swift Scribbler on Aug 22, 2012 I made one of these last night, and it came out GREAT! Your husband might think they are garbage and throw them away! Lauren on Aug 29, 2012 These look absolutely amazing! Check us out at Heather Brown on Dec 3, 2012 I have been looking for away to include an old hymnal into my wedding because my fiance and I love music and we have a vintage winter wonderland theme.

I just tried it using a harry potter book and the outcome was beautiful. Kim on Oct 10, 2012 After making the flowers and bending the wires/shaping the flowers in a bouquet - how short did you cut the wires so that the stems are not to long and possiblly damaging your dress? Reading through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! I made a couple on on my trial run and they are beautiful.

By pinching at the bases you will be rounding out the rose, and creating space between layers. The sepals will be made of ribbon, which will also cover your final seams and create a nice polished look. Wrap them around the stem and secure to the undersides of the petals. For those of you (don’t be shy) that would rather leave it to the pro, Valerie also sells the loose roses in her shop, and can even create a custom bouquet to fit your wedding! First photo: David and Kendrick of Our Labor of Love / other photos tutorial by Valerie Lloyd Debi on Jul 23, 2011 Wow!! I love this kind of stuff..very elegant yet unique. I have my daughters wedding bouquet that we made on my blog. betty-dosdesigns.Emma on Jul 29, 2011 Made these last night and I am not getting the lovely rose shape you got :o( gonna contine trail and error style-lee until they are perfect though! Would be so impressed with myself if it is =) Though not my choice for wedding literature...

used the local directory as a test so mine have got random ads for plumbers etc on! (It's really about a child that was locked away all its life and has to learn to adapt to society and to speak etc.

Slightly disturbing..) Heather on Aug 5, 2011 I actually made my bridesmaid bouquets out of newspaper and my bouquet out of brown paper bags :) There is an easier way to make the petals by just cutting them all together rather than using so much glue on each individual petal. If it turns out half as beautiful as these look it'll be my rehearsal bouquet and then a toss bouquet. I took sheet music of our favorite jazz songs, and also the love letters that my fiance has written to me to make my bouquet.

Email me if you need a tutorial-I found it on youtube! Mimzy Wimzy on Sep 24, 2011 I absolutely love these. I have them pinned and constantly find myself going back to look at them. I added in dried roses, the first roses he gave me when we started dating, along with babys breath and leaves and tulle, and it couldn't be more perfect! Zak on Feb 14, 2012 Just made these last night for my wife for Valentine's day, and they are beautiful.

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To speed up the process, I used masking tape over top of all the petals and took my blow dryer to them.Some are froman old yellowed book and some are from our love letters (over 60 years ago) and we attach them to firm florists wire stems. Since it is hard to bend old dry paper I lay them on a towel and place a damp towel on top - works great!

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