Dating a widow with young children too soon

14-Jul-2017 03:52

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I particularly grew tired of the phrase "no baggage, please" on dating profiles. Hardly the stuff of romantic courtship, but nettles that needed to be grasped.Surely only sociopaths don't have emotional baggage? I began to see patterns – for women without kids, my situation was often too much to handle.I got married very young, at aged 22, back in 1999, when people met their partners the old-fashioned way – down the pub or at parties.Online dating was about as stigmatised as putting an ad in the lonely hearts column of the local paper, but from conversations with friends, it was clear that this was the way to go now.

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Plenty of Fish was a marginal improvement and, like Tinder, free of charge, but from comments on women's profiles, the amount of weirdo men was ruining it for the rest of us.

It was obvious that for many single women my situation was way too complicated.

After a while, this series of let-downs became rather depressing.

If the complexity of my situation put doubts in my own mind, no wonder it was ringing alarm bells among the women I was chatting with online.

Fellow single parents were those I seemed to have most in common with, because divorce and separation involve a kind of grieving process.Initially, I put "prefer not to say" and wondered why I got very little response.