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A successful career on the Disney channel, amazing friends, a great family — nothing could go wrong, right?

But while the 21-year-old actress’s life was seemingly going swimmingly, she was dealing with something that no one should ever have to — domestic abuse.

When you win, you're and the producers of the show want to capitalize on that.

This leads to getting pushed too fast and too hard.

Tumblr also creates RSS feeds for each of the tags on your Tumblr posts.

Hi all, We recently changed the URL for our Soundcloud channel but i Tunes has stopped posting our latest podcasts.

When the person who comes second or worse in a Reality Show gets more out of it than the winner, be it in post-show popularity, sales, endorsement cash, or simply not looking like as much of a jackass on national television.

For the talent-based shows, the reason can be described easily.

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Debby shared, “My brother [Chase] called ‘Saying Goodbye’ that was on his first EP that actually made it into the movie.

But for the contestants who finish lower in the ranks, they still have all the recognition—all of the same people watched the show, after all—but they're allowed to work at their own pace with far more creative control, and develop a high-quality body of work that people are more likely to enjoy.