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20-Aug-2017 09:11

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THE DEETS: You can donate vintage fur to the Humane Society, who then repurpose the pieces to create beds, warm nests or surrogate mothers to orphaned and injured wildlife rescued and placed for recovery at wildlife rehabilitators.

Others vocalized that they would never buy new fur, but that buying vintage fur was a form of recycling what already exists on this planet and putting it to better use than just collecting dust in your attic or hanging unworn in someone’s closet.

I’m a proponent of an individual’s rights to believe what they feel is right and subsequently, to do what they feel is right, too.

HOW IT’S SUSTAINABLE: Unlike today, consumption of animals for food and fur was a different — — “beast” than today.

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HOW IT’S SUSTAINABLE: Your vintage fur regains its original use for warmth, protection & nuturing — and for the animals where the fur originates from in the first place.In other words, school children are not shown a fur coat in its entirety to learn the difference between possum and fox.