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with particular views on the type of democracy needed in Pakistan.

On becoming foreign minister in 1963, his socialist viewpoint influenced him to embark on a close relationship with neighbouring China.

He later divorced her in 1945, however, in order to remarry.

There, Bhutto became interested in the theories of socialism, delivering a series of lectures on their feasibility in Islamic countries. Law College, from where he was also awarded an honorary doctorate in law by college president Hassanally A.

He then also became an activist in the Pakistan Movement.

In 1943, his marriage was arranged with Shireen Amir Begum.

In 1957, Bhutto became the youngest member of Pakistan's delegation to the United Nations.

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Domestically, Bhutto's reign saw parliament unanimously approve a new constitution in 1973, after which he endorsed Fazal Ilahi's bid for president, and assumed instead the newly empowered office of prime minister.After the Tashkent Agreement ended hostilities, Bhutto fell out with Ayub and was sacked from government.