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27-Oct-2017 13:05

But the 72-year-old socialite, who is famous for her plastic surgery cat-like enhanced features, and her boyfriend were seen at the Impressionist and Modern Art auction at Sotheby's in New York on Tuesday.The pair even appeared in matching outfits, with Klein wearing black leather pants and gloves, and Wildenstein in a black leather, fur and tassel ensemble.Wildenstein, who has been dubbed 'catwoman', claims that 50-year-old Klein pushed her to the ground, which caused bruising to her arm and neck.Klein claims that Wildenstein viciously scratched him on the forehead, causing a cut.Court documents obtained by Daily in September showed Wildenstein had defaulted on the .5 million mortgage she took out 10 years ago on the apartment.Her exasperated creditors have tried to slap foreclosure papers on the famed socialite, but the feline-featured debtor has been dodging them.

Hawaii time, a Japanese dive bomber bearing the red symbol of the Rising Sun of Japan on its wings appears out of the clouds above the island of Oahu. On this day in 1787, Delaware becomes the first state to ratify the Constitution, doing so by a unanimous vote.Klein escaped by bundling her into a closet but, wrongly believing she was trapped, she called the police herself, igniting a tabloid storm in the process.Shocked Klein would face the ignominy of arrest himself when, days later, police accused him of pushing her when he went back to collect his belongings.They reportedly sat together in the front row of the elite art auction, a source told Dail

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It is unclear whether Wildenstein, who has been dubbed 'catwoman', and Klein, 50, breached their protective orders by attending the same event.Wildenstein claims that Klein pushed her to the ground, which caused bruising to her arm and neck.